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Feed Your Body with Love

Jul 28, 2020

Rebecca is a certified health coach and yoga teacher, focusing on stress management. She also works incorporate as a marketing and business development director.

After years of being sick, tense, and unhappy, she turned to functional medicine and yoga for help. In eliminating some foods that were causing issues and...

Jul 21, 2020

The importance of self-TRUST before self-love. Chantel finds self-love to be a very vague and even foreign concept especially if you have spent most of your life loathing yourself.

Self-trust is something she realized is a more measurable, tangible step in the self-love process. It leads to an inner and outer congruence...

Jul 14, 2020

Lynn Louise's dharma is to help women rapidly close the gap between sexual assault to complete healing.
For decades she has guided women like You to take back their love, trust, and confidence through her Transformational Cosmic Warrior Experience.

She helps lead you back Into your beautiful body, so you can move from...