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Feed Your Body with Love

Feb 25, 2020

Vanessa Marie Dewsbury is a Reiki Master, Life, and Business Coach and bestselling author. She calls herself, The Magical Coach.

She helps women build a fulfilling business by connecting to their energy, intuition, and authenticity.

Vanessa loves helping people tap into their own magic and using it to create and manifest a life they love.

She believes your success is only as big as your love for self. The more you nourish and take care of your mind, body, and soul, the greater success you will achieve.

Also speaking on the importance of self-love and setting healthy boundaries in life and in business. She teaches her clients how to set those boundaries.

She started her journey when she had a medical diagnosis that she wanted to heal and found her way to Reiki. She then realized that when she didn't take care of herself, things and people around her were affected. Especially when she was deeply affected.

She had to go through her own journey of recognizing and realizing her own self-worth in order for me to actually start taking care of my own needs. Now she is empowering others to do the same and to create MAGIC in their life!


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