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Feed Your Body with Love

Jun 16, 2020


Inside of every woman is a fierce lioness, and not often enough that LION comes out. Amanda empowers us to take back what makes us special, BEING YOU! 

Amanda is BOLD, EMPOWERING, a Branding REBEL. She is a mom of 2, a wife and Pitbull mom!

She joined a Network Marketing Company in 2014 because she was craving community.

She lost her identity in having children and experienced severe postpartum depression with her 2nd child.

She began building a business and sharing on Facebook because she loved the products her company offered.

She has made all the mistakes but what she has learned and has become really good at, is putting herself first. A big part of self-love and an important part of not losing yourself. 

Yet she lost her identity again in her company.

She felt that she was being led to do more. She quit NWM in June 2019 to pursue her coaching business. 

Amanda now empowers network marketers with the tools they need to build a personal brand on Facebook. She teaches women to show up authentically on social media so they can create communities, develop relationships and sell their thing!

Amanda, The Branding REBEL.


Connect with Amanda 

Live training and Masterclasses held in her amazing Facebook Community! 


In this episode, we talked about her new program The Branding Rebellion. Learn more: