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Feed Your Body with Love

Nov 10, 2020


Today we talk to Bethany. An Anti-Diet Registered Dietitian. You will not want to miss this one. She talks about how your body is not the problem and how she combined her Western Dietain training with intuitive eating and made something magical.

"I believe more in the concept of body neutrality. There is a big push to love yourself but I just do not think this is realistic for a lot of people. Especially those that have been told their body is wrong their entire life. For myself, I used to believe that weight loss and fitness was a way to show myself love but actually that took me farther from creating a nurturing relationship with myself. I spent many years obsessively tracking food, eating the "perfect diet," and exercising. When I found IE, I knew that was exactly what I needed. I was tired of tracking food and weighing myself. I wanted a new way to eat and live and thank goodness I found it! I dug into the research, read every book, and listened to every podcast that I possibly could. My body changed but I started to make peace with myself."


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