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Feed Your Body with Love

Jun 30, 2020

Carrie helps anxious ADHD teens reestablish self-trust so they can be confident, independent, successful, and live a life they love. As a former general and special education teacher turned tutor, she realized her students' needs weren't being met through addressing academic struggles.

Her kiddos struggled with confidence because of the self-trust they lost from the screw-ups and let-downs of life. Carrie teaches her teens and their parents a system for rebuilding that self-trust so they can create the life they want to live and the world they want to live in.

Carrie's system uses mindset and high-performance strategies applied with an ADHD teenager twist. The best part is, it works for everyone.

Who couldn't use a little confidence boost from time to time?


Carrie's story is like many of ours, she used to be a hardass when it came to mindset. Her beliefs around self-love and acceptance didn't align with what was driving her towards a life that she enjoyed and she believed it was a bunch of BS.

She finally opened up to learning more and realized that her thoughts did not align with self-love and that needed work. Working on self-love is the first step in living your dream life.

She is still on her journey to accepting all things about herself but knows how important that self-trust piece is to be successful. If you don't like and trust yourself, it's going to be difficult to reach your goals. Carrie is a strong supporter or accepting where you are while focusing on taking action toward where you want to go

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