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Feed Your Body with Love

Apr 18, 2020

Farah goes into what it's like to be at home with two kids. Having adult conversations with 7-year-olds about what is currently going on in the world and how to allow your children to grow up and be able to make decisions for themselves. 

She talks deeply about how creating a FAMILY TEAM is important and how giving yourself grace right now as a business owner, wife, and parent is so important. Listening to the needs of your family and shifting accordingly is so important and how to be fluid in this ever-changing situation. She reminds mom's everywhere that extra screentime might happen and that does not make you a bad mom! It makes you human and it allows you the time to refill your energy so you can fully show up.

Farah is a motivational speaker, personal branding and social media coach with a love for bringing joy into people's lives. She has a passion for helping you see your superpowers and owning them in all parts of your life. Farah has built multiple successful businesses and has left her mark in many industries as a person that uplifts & empowers those she works with.

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