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Feed Your Body with Love

Aug 25, 2020

Self-Love is so important to Erin because about 3 years ago she had no idea how to love herself. Over the last 2 months, after breaking her back in three places she has learned how to truly love and make herself a priority.

She never believed she would get over the guilty feeling of asking for “alone time” or prioritizing her needs and when it finally happened, she was so glad she up in the work.

The most pivotal moment for Erin on my journey was when I realized the body image judgments she was making towards others, including her daughter and husband, were all rooted in my lack of love of myself and while it brought me to tears it taught me so much.

Today we dive deep into her self-love journey and healing that started with falling down the stairs and breaking her back. This time allowed her to slow down and realize what was important to her and where she needed to focus her energy.

She finally realized that work, life balance was a myth and decided to take her life back. I can't wait for you to hear about her journey!

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