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Feed Your Body with Love

May 19, 2020

Heather used to work as a Registered Nurse for Intensive Care Units and what she was noticing was that many of the reasons people found themselves in ICU were a manifestation of what was going on from within.
There is so much research that links stress to a large number of chronic diseases and illness, so she knew that if she really wanted to make an impact with people’s health, she had to get out of the reactive side of medicine and start attacking it at the source - our modern-day stress that our body wasn’t designed for.
Her mission to show people how to take control of their stress response and heal the negative health effects of stress so that they can feel better, feel in control of their life, and confidently go after anything they want
Heather's story is amazing, she talks about how her health and the health of others allowed her to make the jump from the ICU to becoming a Reiki Master and is now helping people work on their mindset, overcome your inner critic, empowering yourself, and lowing the effects of stress on your body.
She has creative a beautiful blend of science and spiritual connection to healing. In this interview, she goes into how to address the stress in live and begin to work on changing your own inner narrative. 
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The 3 RESOURCES talked about in the interview
Self-Compassion Script:  
Inner Critic Challenge:
Stress Workshop: