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Feed Your Body with Love

Apr 14, 2020

Grace Esther is a health & fitness coach who supports boss babes in creating life rhythms around food and fitness so that they can laser-focused on their life vision! She founded the “Food, Fitness & Rhythm Academy”, is launching a podcast this spring and is involved in Non-Profit Community restoration work.

Loving your entire being—loving how you were created and stewarding your gifts well to bless others. Learning to receive what God is doing for you. Receiving love and knowing you are loved! How to have an open posture to receive the love you can be a conduit to love others well and at the same time be open to continue receiving love.

I grew up believing I was fat and ugly — I thought if I could lose weight I would be beautiful and desirable. My goal was to be skinny and I created an unhealthy relationship with food because of my desire for love from others based upon how I looked. I created a story in my head about how to receive the love that was untrue. I have healed and have a healthy relationship with food but that came from learning to love how God created me and knowing my needs and desires matter as much as anyone else.

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