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Feed Your Body with Love

Jan 20, 2021

After 15 years of battling failed dieting, borderline diabetic diagnoses, PCOS, and self-sabotage, Janet was fed up and decided to create a better way.

Today, she helps women regain their confidence, feel good in their bodies, and have a better relationship with food.

Janet Havenga, founded Havenga Health, a holistic approach to healing your body and mind in a natural and organic way. She is a nutrition-life coach, yoga, and meditation teacher. Her mission is to help women all over the world feel their best in their bodies as they are.

She is fighting the "lose weight and feel good" message because she learned first hand, that message isn't reality!

On a whim, she moved to South Africa and taught Yoga on the beach. Which is where she realized it was her mind and heart was where the healing needed to happen.

Facebook community group: (Holistic Nutrition: Habits for Achieving a Stress-Free and Thriving Life)