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Feed Your Body with Love

Nov 3, 2020

Kristina Crooks is an Ontological Coach, entrepreneur, and author. She has become an expert in self-love and living a designed life.
In a battle with herself for much of her life. After a divorce in 2013, a shift in personal narrative. Now her life is a LOVE AFFAIR.

In her spare time, she’s exploring nature with her fiancé, doing home projects, reading the play with her cats, or watching movies.

Are you living with ARMORED LOVE or BOUNDARIES LOVE? Thi conversation opened really opened my mind!

Kristina goes deep into the 7 keys to personal liberation. It starts with the building from the bedrock and goes from there.

These 7 keys can unlock a life you truly love.

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❤️Join Kristina on a journey from Fear to Love for a magical day of Leading with Authenticity: Moving from Fear to Love.