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Feed Your Body with Love

Feb 3, 2021

There seems to only be the people who are in the "Body Positivity Movement" or in the "Weight-Loss Positive" Movement" right now. What we truly need is that middle ground, where we want to nourish our minds, body, and soul. 

We are talking to Laurie Somma about that middle ground today!

How the last year has changed her perspective and allowed what she really desires to come forward. She fired all her clients, quit her business, and made a huge change in her life to make sure she had time for what was important. Being present in the current moment with herself, her family, and most of all her body!

Laurie is creating an amazing thing, THE nourishing MOVEMENT! That can fill the gap from wanting to change our bodies to being enough, to being overly comfortable that we don't really think about our bodies, to the middle ground. Where we learn to nourish through food, movement, mental health, and self-love. 

It all starts with unbuilding the beliefs that we have been taught and leaning into what we really believe is true to our life!