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Feed Your Body with Love

Jan 5, 2021

Are you a good LISTENER?

Lyn Lindbergh is the founder and creator of She is an award-winning author and host of three podcasts including Listening Skills.

Lyn is on a mission is to help our nation learn how to listen so we can more easily solve the issues of our globe and avoid creating more issues all while creating deep and meaningful connections.

What started as a school project for her son, turned into a passion and something she is excited to share with the world. 
How does learning to listen change your life...

You've got to listen in to find out!

I did something new for this podcast and kept it rolling after talking about LISTENING! There were so many great nuggets I had to share! Enjoy!

Then we have a candid conversation about LIFE and what is going on in our lives! Lyn is making the best of lockdown. From warm, front porch sitting to how we are getting closer to our families! Things that have changed and so much more.

Join Lyn