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Feed Your Body with Love

Mar 24, 2020

Jenn: Can you tell us about your story of this time that you went from marathoner to getting an injury that made it so you couldn't do any sort of exercising?

Lynn:  I went from a marathoner to injured to take about three years off of running to becoming a marathoner. Then back to Marathon. It was really when I started struggling with my weight and the idea of dieting because I was always healthy. I always had this wonderfully healthy lifestyle that I loved, and I didn't have a problem eating, anything because I was always running off calories doing what I do, which is running. And then everything changed.


The first thing that happened was I had both of my Achilles tear. When this happens they leave you immobile, you're not supposed to walk, you're not supposed to run, you're not supposed to do anything with moving them. There's not a lot of movement that you can do.


There are stretching and stuff that I could do, but it sends you into a kind of a spiral mindset.  If you are in the state of mind that I was in, I wasn't even aware of what I was thinking at the time, so I had the fears. It's set into motion. These negative thought patterns, this self-shaming.


I can't run, I can't do anything, I'm gaining weight. And that's when I really started noticing a habit that I had already had but was able to ignore before which was emotional eating.


And then of course over the course of three years, many things happen.


My father was diagnosed with cancer, I started helping them downsize their house and sell their house, move their house. In the meantime, my husband and I also sold our house. All this stuff just happened right?


I was sitting at my heaviest way, incredibly unhappy looking at my life thinking. How am I going to get a handle on it? I've tried these diets, they're not working. There has to be an easier way.


And that was a turning point. I was just so unhappy my whole life was consumed around a diet mindset, a diet mentality, hiding and shaming myself for emotionally binge eating and drinking, and I was like Something's got to change here.


And that was when I decided to make the big change to starting the inside journey, which once I opened that door.  I was never able to close it again because it's like the light goes off and change begins to happen.

I was in a really bad spot I was beating myself up, I didn't realize how much my inner critic was just talking shit to me all the time, I was, I was self-medicating with wine in the evenings and paying for it. Regretfully, the next day because it just is a depressant, right?

And then I would eat the wrong things, and all this and then I would restrict myself and on Monday I'm starting to diet. I'm going start a diet again and that was my pattern, and then I fall off the wagon. Because we all know, diets don't work, they don't work, there's no reason that anyone should be on the diet.

When I really hit that bottom, which is different for everybody, I knew that I couldn't do it alone, and I'm going to be completely honest.


Nobody that wants to move out of that mindset can do it alone. They have to find a mentor, whether it's you, whether it's me, whether it's somebody else out there that's not even involved in dieting, it doesn't matter, you can't do it alone.


And so I found my first mentor, and I signed on with her for a year and so within the first two months, but I outgrew her. I was already looking for other mentors and she was great while I had her, and I continued my whole year with her,  I just was adding other mentors on top of it. Because the momentum that was behind it just brought so much joy to me.


And you just have to find the right fit for you.

I have plenty of mentors.

I feel like a lot of that fear comes from feeling unworthy, because of what stigma whatever you want to call it, has put in our mind. If you're struggling and you're on diets normally it's either to gain weight or lose weight. You feel like your body is not enough, you can't show up.

I know for me that it was really hard like I can invest all this money in these diets anymore.  But when it came to actually heal those internal struggles, I was like, "How is it that I will spend 200 on two days were food of this fake magic food. But I won't spend 200 work on inside stuff, right? And I truly believe this, is look at what culture has done to us. They have programmed or self-trust out of us, so they have created these women that don't believe that we can trust ourselves so why should we trust that inner-voice telling us our intuition telling us. This is the right move working from the inside is the right move, do it, and it's still so strong inside of us, but then it's like 10000 or 5000 on a program.

I shouldn't trust that this is the right thing because that 66 billion diet industry is telling me that's the right mindset, but what they're really worried about is that bottom line they want the money, they don't care about your health, they care about their income.

When we have not trusted our intuition inside, we struggle on the outside.

It was an in trusting yourself. And we have been trusted ourselves with what is being told. That's very important for people to understand.


Yeah, we just... It's one of those things that was taken away from us by well-meaning caretakers at a very early age because by the time you're eight years old, your core beliefs and identity around them have already been formed.

That's a pretty heavy right?

So before that, you're being told You're not old enough to do that, you're not strong enough to do that, don't do that.

And so we've already begun to lose our self-trust at that point.

But then it just keeps piling on, because our belief system around that is also in motion, so we're kind of proving it to ourselves. That we can't trust up.

Women are just naturally higher intuitive women like few and beings yeah, and so for us to go through that and client and find those things is natural and then, of course, something happens, someone tells us something that makes us doubt ourselves.

Just because your cosmic doesn't mean that you can't be assertive.

One thing that I always tell the women that I work with is right where you are right now, this is where you're supposed to be.

Yeah, so it didn't have to start in your team is starting right now.

I locked in mine away in my 20s, after having in my life forever, I was raised very cosmically and then I shut it down. And then I found it in my... Like the four days, again, but it happened when it needed to. And once you tap back into that to you can... It's like all that miss time doesn't matter because you, it just like catches up to you and you can just roll with it faster. Than You Ever Thought Possible.

So I believe that you come back to your truth. You want to call it is a spiritual practice, or whatever. We source collective consciousness. When you come back to it, it's right when you need to, so that you have the capability of moving into this intuitive age, at a higher pace, so that people like you and me can help women that are listening, to these podcasts move into this new age with more ease flow understanding.

JENN: So how did you start opening back up to that, what were your truth. Dipping your toe in the water?


Lynn: So when I came back to it, my very first mentor she was into Abraham hit, I was like... So is that... So if anyone wonder Abraham is it's Ester, HIC which taps into the collective consciousness. And she was like, Even if you don't, the message does it, the medium doesn't resonate with you, the message is on point.


And so I looked over some Abraham, he YouTube stuff 101, and I was like, "This is right on, I'm getting it, but very quickly. I moved from Abraham Hicks 'cause I believe Abraham "hexes a wonderful place to really start.


And so it's like this really nice momentum. So, I dip my toe back in with her. But within three months, I was like, "I need more, I need to go deeper. And so that's when I really started getting involved on a much more cosmic level reading much deeper literature, on it, hiring mentors that were into more of the ancient forms of healing and on wisdom, and such.


And so now, I believe this is such a big part of the process. When people ask me in interviews, they'll say, "Who are you?


That question always gets on me I'm like, "Are you trying to ask me what I do for a living because that is so different, like, I make cosmic being, I came from somewhere, I'm in this physical body in this one lifetime, and I'm gonna return to there wherever there is this is not my only life, but it is my only time in the physical bodies.


So a big part of my program, I really like to get women in touch with that because there's so much that comes along with the understanding that this is my one body in this one life we're meant to be enjoying food and join beautiful art, beautiful clothes traveling reading, extravagant like A... And relationships.

We're supposed to have a beautiful relationship, and so I go through relationships, toxic relationships beautiful relationships raising your vibe understanding your true vision getting to know that what this body came here for because we all came here with a cosmic purpose. And a lot of the times we don't know what it is.

And through my program, yes, it's about getting away from the diet but it's also embracing a more... So who you are as a person, who you want to be and being that person now.

Yeah, so while anti-dieting is a big part of my message. It's really embracing who you are on a deeper level.

You can't destroy that road is already established, you have to create a new road, and you have to really focus on it with intention. And build that road up. So it's just as established as the former Road, right?

That road is never going to go away, but you can divert your attention and your focus and build that new road. So it's established and use it the whole time, right?

But a lot of people, this is one reason why I work. They go, Okay. I'm going to establish this road in diet, where their previous behaviors are still that highly established Road.

So they're trying to change it from a part of the brain where that's not how you, your bringing work. So it's always in this continual argument. Habits are there to help us, but sometimes are getting in the way.

I won't go into brain science.

It will go down go as a way to tap but it's like we have this continual we're trying to change it all the time. Through logical brain. I should be able to do this, I should be able to do this, but it's a habit. He tried to change a habit with your logical brain.

Your reptilian brain is always going  win.

But I'll give you a little piece of advice here. The best way to get out of that logical brain and make the decision when you go... Let's say you're like... I need to get up and go to the gym tomorrow I'm going  to the gym it's going be awesome, and when you're laying in bed and it's really cold outside and you're like, "Oh I don't want to get the brand that's your YOU.”

Everything will come together, held out.

Oh yeah, so I, I... I've been working from street level where I need to be at the top of the Empire State Building.

Yeah, so I will just open that all up, and give you... Everyone, such great momentum to really begin to let go of these identities that have been created around diet culture because they're so ingrained in us.

Oh, that I believe that I am working on a podcast episode right now I'm calling it DNA that we come into this world already. Predisposed from our mothers, the into the diet culture because we know they can fetuses can hear and they can feel the mother's emotions and the mother releases cortisol, and all this stuff right during uncomfortable times, during fear when she's being ridiculed for the weight that she's gaining during pregnancy.

Yeah, and then after giving birth, like the first things I gotta lose this baby weight? The baby feels all this. We fill out this... We here at we watch it, it's like, we come into this world already. Okay, this is gonna be our identity.

Yeah, once and for all the power that they hold that they too, everyone is a cosmic being, and when you tap into that line, everything becomes possible.

It starts with the connection.


JENN: I am going to ask you my favorite question towards the end, which is somebody only walked away with one nugget, from this time to be... Well, for more time together. What would you want them to take away?


LYNN: I would want them to take away that this one like that they had here is so valuable and important that seeking happiness, should be your primary objective and not a toy, time in struggle or worry. So finding the right coach for you in the right program, get some support.

Yeah, I get support.

There are lots of free. My group is open and find group, find women that are like-minded and resonate and latch on time, don't waste time around negative especially right now in the monks may Ray time that we're going through taking advantage of this time as a pause to really get in touch with what you desire.

That's one of the first lessons we go through in my 10-week courses vision and I can ask a woman what she doesn't want, and she could talk to me for an hour and a half, but you ask a woman what she wants and it's like, "Oh I don't know.

Or because they can't do overwhelmed with struggle and have created this momentum behind struggle, but they don't know how to get out of it, and that's what people like you and me, or here for.

Yeah, let me take you down, I'll show you how to get out of this whirlwind less momentum and change that mindset so that you can always be having happy thoughts. Yeah, let's address it, let's address those shadows and now paste.

So again, your only job here on the earth is to get aligned.

Yeah, you too and in... But find the right person. I love that, yes, and it's so true. Just don't do it. It's mental health, or any kind of health it's... You don't wanna do it alone.

Oh, and we were put on this Earth to do shit alone.

Yeah, we came here to have relationships.

And whether it's for 30 seconds or 30 years, everyone comes into your life for a reason, for those important time.

I've had connections where I'm like, "Oh I'm going know this person for a really long time.

And it lasted for three hours, and I'm like, "Oh okay, well, that was good, but it's a over.

Yeah, what I need to change my momentum and I'm like, "I don't. I wasn't sad about it, that wasn't happy about it, I was just like, Okay, he went with the flow.

Everything they don't have is a result of your habits.

I'm going to leave you with, and say it again, everything you have and everything you don't have is a 100% reflection of your habits.


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