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Feed Your Body with Love

Apr 28, 2020

Prior to having her son, Meghan struggled a lot with her health and body image. She always thought she had to look a certain way in order to be loved or feel confident. She would negatively think awful thoughts about myself and never felt comfortable in her own skin.

She used physical movement as a form of punishment for her food choices and to look a certain way. She struggled with binge or emotional eating due to stress from her job as a form of coping with just a lot of uncomfortable feelings.

Now she helps busy and overwhelmed moms develop healthy habits in the kitchen so that they can show up as the best version of themselves for their family. Allowing them to live a joy-filled and long life.
Meghan wants you to take some time for you. Have more joy and laugher and to have a mindset that allows food and movement to be a blessing to your body! If you would like to start receiving her weekly dinner recipes & newsletter:
You can connect with Meghan 
If you're sick of feeling sluggish all the time and the stress which correlates with knowing what to eat each day, reach out to Meghan for a chat! She offers a complimentary 30-minute clarity call in which you will discuss your wellness goals, what it would mean for you and your family to achieve those goals and a plan of action that will help you get there!
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Here is the resource we talked about during this episode.