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Feed Your Body with Love

Jan 28, 2021

Samantha Long is a yoga instructor and Self Care Mentor for Moms. Her goal is to help women live more authentically and fulfilled by using self-care as a toolbox to promote alignment with the True Self. As a teacher and a motivator, Samantha promotes the importance of mindfulness, meditation, breath, as well as the spiritual and physical practice of yoga as a path to self-love, self-compassion, and self-trust.

Sam is also the host of a new YouTube show and Podcast called Self Care Is My Job, where she interviews wellness professionals and healers about forms of self care to promote connection with Mind Body and Spirit for True Self alignment.


Samantha thinks it important to discuss ways we can overcome guilt and shame around prioritizing ourselves so that we can more unapologetically incorporate self-care to rekindle self-love.

Especially as women, we are programmed to believe that we are mostly FOR everyone else in life. We are here for our partner to support, to pleasure, for our family and household, to protect and nurture our children. It makes it really difficult to not feel guilt when we devote time and energy to be there for ourselves.
I always say it's chicken or the egg conversation. Self-care is your path back to alignment and self-love.

So we start small, pushing past feelings of guilt, having necessary conversations, communicating our needs. Then the benefits of true self-care show up and make us believe fully how worthy we are of that extra care.

It's work but we grow exponentially. We can conquer anything when we really embody that self-love.