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Feed Your Body with Love

Feb 22, 2020

Lakshmi Dev went through hell with her body and decided to create my own heaven on earth through healing. After her parents divorced at 5 years old, she started being sexually abused by the family who helped her mom take care of her for years. By the time she was a teenager, EVERYTHING was about her body & how horrible it was, or so she thought. She became anorexic, then bulimic, and then a drug addict...all to stay skinny. Finally, when she found yoga, her journey began to shift and her old stories and body dysmorphia started to dissolve. She realized that not only was her journey to heal for herself but also show other women that you can create a life that's fulfilling from a place of inner peace.


Lakshmi Dev Bowen is a soul fulfillment mentor for women secretly struggling with emotional pain who are exhausted from seeking outside approval & being self-critical. She helps them discover an inner peace they didn't know was possible & believe in themselves to create the life they truly desire. She has been studying and practicing yoga and spiritual healing for over twenty years and is dedicated to uplifting the planet by positively impacting others through teaching, coaching, writing and speaking.


Her passion came from healing her own childhood trauma and body hatred issues initiating her to become a Yoga Instructor, now with over 10,000 hours of teaching experience, then becoming a healer, life coach, speaker, and author. Lakshmi Dev, believes in a world where women who’ve been through hell and back create their own heaven on earth for a fulfilled & elevated life of inner peace. She is an international empowerment & transformational retreat host bringing women together for memorable and fulfilling experiences of self-nourishment, is a married mom of three living in gorgeous Tucson, Arizona & also loves to spend time immersed in the magic of Costa Rica.