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Feed Your Body with Love

Feb 18, 2020

Jordyn Marcum is a wife, boss, and a momma of 2 beautiful little girls. She has always struggled with self-confidence and is just now, after having 2 children, learning to feel secure within my own skin.

She is still learning new things about herself every day and is am passionate about lighting the way for other men and women who are struggling through the difficult days.

She eats tacos on Tuesday and loves Pizza. Her story starts in her childhood and hit rock bottom, the first time when she was stealing weight-loss pills to keep herself slim. Outwardly she looked happy and healthy but inside she was miserable.

When she got pregnant with her first daughter she was angry about what pregnancy was doing to her body and the first years of her daughter’s life she really struggled. At the time she didn’t realize that it was part of post-partum depression. Flash forward to her second daughter’s birth she now appreciates her body and what is was able to create. She is not constantly waiting for her next cheat meal and she made peace with food.

She now has true happiness in her life and is loving every part of her life and her body.

She knows she is enough at size 20 or a size 2. She eats well and exercises because she wants to, and will have her fried cheese, burgers, tacos and pizza when she feels like it. Without shame and resentment when she eats it. She is at peace and loves everything! She is grateful for her life and her body. For the first time, she sees how amazing her body is.

She is helping others learn to feel amazing in their bodies.

“Self-Love is everything and the foundation for how we live our everyday life and how we interact with others” Jordyn

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