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Feed Your Body with Love

Apr 8, 2020

Heather Nieves is a Women's Empowerment Coach & Certified Yoga Teacher guiding women on a journey to self-acceptance through meditation & movement to embrace their bodies & show up #AUTHENTICAF in business. Married for 15 years with an almost 5-year-old living in SC for the past 8 months after just moving from SoCal where they lived for 3 years relocating from CT.

How do you escape when you know you need some "YOU" time? Heather dives deep into keeping yourself sane during this crazy time with your husband and kids at home all the time. 

There is an epidemic of self-hatred going on in our world right now and self-love is more important than ever to raise the vibration. Rebecca Campbell says it best, "when we heal ourselves we heal the world!"

Listen to the entire episode here!

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Here is Heather's breathe in love 5-day experience with yoga and meditation


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