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Feed Your Body with Love

Jun 23, 2020

Stephanie spent her 20's learning to be in her body. She tapped into how to move it and how to love it.  Learning how to embody herself true self and to love. It took a long time to figure out what LOVE actually meant.

In her early twenties, she began to be able to identify what feelings she was having and realize what love was and wasn't. During this time it became clear that everyone has their own definition of LOVE and SELF-LOVE.

Stephanie had spent her late teens and early 20's hanging out with a lot of drug addicts and alcoholics. She was actively engaged in not self-loving behavior.

She believes that the underlying issue in talking about self-love is that we fail to fidentify what it means for each of us. 

Once we define LOVE in our own terms we must be willing to take action. Every small baby step is an act of self-love and sometimes just getting up in the morning is deserving of a full-blown party.

Stephanie fell in love with a wonderful woman and then had to learn how to allow someone else to love her. Allowing others was an act of self-love.

Stephanie spent her adult life learning about love, embodiment, empowerment, being whole, working with energy, and dealing with a physical body that began declining in her 30's. That journey traversed the personal into the professional as I taught others how to navigate this journey and witnessed their transformation.

Stephanie’s clients reconnect with their inner wisdom, rediscover their voice, gain clarity on what they want and need in their life, and then take action to create the life they want to be living.

Stephanie’s mission is to create a global community of self-advocates who are their own superheroes focused on using their voices, embodying their choices, and living a life they love.


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