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Feed Your Body with Love

May 12, 2020

The first question to ask yourself if WHY DO I Want to lose weight? What is the purpose behind it and is what I'm saying outwardly match the real emotions and feeling behind my desire to lose some weight or change my body!

 We have to look at the root of the reasoning before we can really achieve our goals.

I like to compare it to making a cake, it's fun to lick the icing before the cake is made and cooled off enough to be ready for frosting. But to really make the cake we need to create the cake, and that takes knowing what ingredients to add, how to bake it, and then the time to allow it to cool to be ready. AKA your past traumas, limiting beliefs, or childhood messaging are the ingredients. How you have dealt with those ingredients is the BAKE TIME. And the cooling-off time is the time to reflect to prepare for the rewrite and FROSTING. 

In this episode, I will go deep into my story of how eating disorders, disordered eating, and my fear of abonnement come into play in how I eat and see my body as the "Fat GIRL" that doesn't deserve to be loved!



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