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Feed Your Body with Love

Apr 21, 2020

When Kim first started running, she didn't like it at all. But she was committed to going to the gym because of the sisterhood at the gym. She thinks part of self-love is learning to know what you need and seeking it out. And having a community to support you is a part of self-love

In her early 40s, Kim became a runner, a triathlete, and then a coach. But she didn’t always like endurance activities. At one point, she threatened to fire her trainer because the sessions involved Kim running around the 1/10th mile track at the gym. She stuck with it because she enjoyed the camaraderie among the moms, and because she quickly dropped some weight, all while realizing she was capable of achieving hard things.

The discipline she developed as a runner gave her the strength to face a 2015 breast cancer diagnosis with courage. She continued running through treatment and celebrated the end of chemo by running a half marathon with a group of friends a week later.

Kim is the author of "Holistic Endurance Training: The Integrated Approach to Thriving as an Athlete," a guide to endurance training that encourages a self-study approach--because training is not one-size-fits-all. Kim shows athletes how to use a journal to track things like training, nutrition, sleep, mood, and thoughts so they can determine which training strategies work for their bodies... and which don't.

We say a book is a self-study approach to thriving as an athlete. 
The training approach I outline in the book is called Responsive Endurance Training-- what is that and why is it different? Check out this episode. Kim goes deep into answering these questions. 

Kim is also the host of the podcast, Power Up Your Performance, where she uncovers the secrets to thinking, feeling, living, and performing like a champion.

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Book: Holistic Endurance Training: The Integrated Approach to Thriving as an Athlete